Flight delays are the bane of my existence.

i started DnA because of you and eijun is the most EMBARRASSING KID EVER

Isn’t he????? I love him, he’s fantastic. Mortifying but I’m so proud of his growth….disaster child.


i want flawless eyebrows and $100,000


kagakuro at disneyland for cissyswonderland!! the only typically american things i could think of were a) burgers (which kagami eats enough of already) and b) like, frat boys, but i didn’t feel like drawing that, so romipaku helped me out with the idea :’-) and shirt slogan creds to homoerotics!

Topic shifted to superwholock i stfg i thought this shit didnt exist irl.

"fucking weebs" i think to myself abt the loud children behind me in the college cafe as they discuss snk, browsing through the doujin i have on my nook

hey could u rec me some world conquering otp fics??

Truth be told anon, aside from writing my own drabble I haven’t read KageHina fics? Much less found any but then again I haven’t checked lately. Any of my dear followers know of any?

Fever | The Black Keys

if you look at my convoluted Daiya no Ace chart you’ll see that I am p big on the ChriSawaMiyu OT3 as well as the respective Chrisawa/Miyusawa pairings

as well as a RyouKura & FuruHaru shipper

but the overwhelming chart is covered w the “gonna stick his dick in Eijun” line

sorry Eijun, you will have ur tru love w Chris-senpai and Miyuki the Trash Can but only after you bottom for every I decide I like

which looks to be

p much everyone so far