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    Loki, Asgard, 8 legged horse, sports car, Roleplaying, Army spokesperson aslkdf
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    Marry: Thor Shack in South America None Vintage Motorbike Bestiality Genius playboy
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    Captain America!!!!. S.H.I.E.L.D Headquarters. A bunch of fussy superheroes. S.H.I.E.L.D Aircraft carrier. Violence....
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    I literally got the same one as this one ^
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    Havent seen this on my dash for a while. So...thought, “Eh, why not?”
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    Married: Loki House: Asgard Kids: none Car: SHIELD aircraft carrier Kinks: bestiality Job: Scientist I am strangely ok...
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    Marry: Loki (obviously) Live: Small town, U.S.A. (my hometown, go figure.) Kids: 42 (WHOOOOOOOOOAAAAAA that’s a fucking...
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    Marry: Loki (ON MY FIRST TRY I SWEAR D:) Asgard Smartass robots (lmao what) My own supersuit (does that mean I get an...
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    Marry: Bruce Banner Mansion A Serpent Latest, fastest sports car Daddy issues Entomologist
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    Marry: Loki Live: Small Town, USA Kids: Serpent Cars: Latest, fastest sportscar Kink: Violence Job: Entomologist
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    Marry: Loki Asgard none S.H.I.E.L.D. aircraft carrier Horns… lol Scientist
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    Marry: Natasha (yesssss) Shack in South America (…i guess we’re undercover or something?) An eight-legged horse...
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    Marry: Iron Man (Move over Pepper Pots…) Live: SHIELD HQ Kids: An 8-legged horse (How is this possible?) Cars: Your own...
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    Marry: Loki (SAFNsjaLngLAK) Asgard 3 Company Car (wat) Violence (ASNFANKASGJASKLG) Genius Playboy
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    I’m married to Natasha, which is an adventure and a half in itself (and also includes a mandatory Clint Barton because...
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    Thor Live in Asguard Kid is a serpent Your own Suit BDSM Nanny
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    Kids: A bunch of fussy superheros. Cars: Vintage moterbike Kink: BDSM Job: Carpenter
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    Thor Small Town USA 8-legged horse (?!??!) S.H.I.E.L.D. aircraft carrier Daddy issues (?!?!?!?!!??!????) Spy So...
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    …So I marry Tony, live in a mansion, have three kids, have my own supersuit, have cars as a kink and my job is a genius...
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    Marry Captain America… (nu) Living at S.H.I.E.L.D. Headquarters (definite no) 8-Legged Horse for a kid (LOKI, TAKE YOUR...